Beyond the Mirror

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By Shillan Jabbar

Painting is meditation before it is art. Through painting, I make a spiritual connection with my inner soul and nature. This kind of meditation gives a feeling that we are all connected with our happiness, suffering, and struggles. My paintings are my inner voice; the voice that speaks through the dancing and movements of the colours and lines.


My most recent collection is called: Beyond the Mirror

‘Beyond the Mirror’ speaks about the past and present. We never value the present until it turns into the past. We break the mirror of now and we hide ourselves behind it. If we, as individuals, take a look at our broken reflections and touch our wounds, we can heal them by going back to our inner peace through meditation, yoga, and dance. When we dance we can feel as if we are birds unchaining ourselves from all negativities that prevent us from seeing and touching the light of the sun which is hidden inside our chest.

Be a shore let the sea embark at your shore.



Painting is meditation before it turns to art.

Shillan Jabbar’s solo exhibition

Through painting, I make a spiritual connection with my inner soul and nature.


Corridor Gallery, Story Arts Centre, Centennial College Represents Opening Reception: Thursday, October 20, 2016

Time: 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

The Exhibition is open from

Oct 18 to Nov 06, 2016


951 Carlaw Ave.

M4K 3M2

2nd floor(Pape and Mortimer).

Parking available on street and in visitor lot.

Special thanks to Dagmar Glisch and David and to Allan Jabbar who designed this invitation.