About Us

Culture Project

Who we are?

Culture Project is a unique platform for Kurdish writers, feminists, artists and activists. We gather emerging and established voices from Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora, and give them space to write openly, to freely express their ideas.

We understand that taboos have stagnated politics, activism, philosophy, art and literature in the region. We know there is a need for fresh and critical thinking.

Through our well established web magazine and planned-for printed journal, Culture Project advocates a total freedom of thought: Freedom to suggest controversial new ideas, free thinking about gender issues and a whole new cultural awareness that is fresh and challenging. We embrace political discourse, philosophy, literature and poetry, and critical analysis of cinema, photography and art.

Our feminist consciousness and unwavering demand for gender equality is the beating heart of Culture Project. We advocate rights and empowerment for women and girls. We reject sexism and patriarchy, religious intolerance, nationalism, class, racism and tribalism.

We have opened a door and made a new space for open debate. Now our contributors – writers, feminists, artists and activists from the four corners of the world – will be aiming to challenge and change Kurdish culture.


  • Houzan Mahmoud; Kurdish/Iraqi feminist and public lecturer
  • Ismail Hamalaw: Novelist and writer
  • Miran Abraham: Lawyer, novelist and writer.