Kurdish Women Celebrate Nadia Murad’s Achievements

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October 11, 2018

Ms. Nadia Murad

Nobel Peace Laureate

Yazidi Kurdish Human Rights Activist

UNODC Goodwill Ambassador for Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking


Re.  Kurdish Women Salute and Celebrate Your Achievements


Dear Nadia,

First and foremost, we, the undersigned would like to whole-heartedly congratulate you for the well-deserved Nobel Peace Prize recognition. We also wish to congratulatethe Nobel Prize Committee, for such a wise and timely decision on their part.We are delighted that you should share this award with an extraordinary fellow laureate like Dr. Denis Mukwegefor his and your tireless efforts to end sexual violence as a weapon of war.

We salute your courage in telling your own story of suffering and survival, which represents the stories of not only Kurdish Yezidis, but millions of women around the world. You did not only stand against and expose the war crimesof ISIS and the wide-spread phenomenon of women’s sexual attacks, but you have worked hard to put this in the spotlight on an international level, which has never been done before.

Despite all the bitterness, loss, and agony you suffered at the hands Islamic State, which is beyond imagination, you have remained tall and dignified. You are a symbol and a beacon of hope for countless women around the world in an age where rape, trafficking, violence, and death are an everyday occurrence.

Your exceptional actions will restore the hope to scores of women that their perpetrators can be held accountable for their actions and that governments to act to take these issues on board. You have inspired other women to speak up against such war crimes. You are a role model and a warrior for freedom and human dignity.

Once again we salute and congratulate you. Your ongoing struggle is honorable and we stand proud and in awe of your courage.

Our sincere and sisterly regards to you,

a group of Kurdish women from around the world

Oct 11, 2018


The undersigned:


  1. Soraya Falah: Researcher California States University Northridge,USA
  2. Houzan Mahmoud: Cofounder of Culture Project-UK
  3. Shikofeh Ghobadi: Sweden
  4. Poshya Kakil: Artist & Architect-USA
  5. Bayan Salman: Writer and novelist-France
  6. Nessar Yousif Hussein: Phd in Law-France
  7. Narmin Osman Hassan: Member of the leadership of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan
  8. Adalat Omar: Writer & researcher of Genocide-South Kurdistan
  9. Susan Shahab Nuri: Former member of Kurdistan parliament
  10. Lanja Xawe-Southern Kurdistan
  11. Dashni Murad: Singer-Kurdistan
  12. Chinar Binavi: KHRW,CA
  13. Rukin Isik: Doctoral candidate in Gender Studies-USA
  14. Berin Altin: Sociology Ph.d Student-University of Nottingham
  15. Golala Arya: Chemistry Professor Fairfax Virginia USA
  16. Sara Mohammed: Never forget Pella & Fadima Organisation-Sweden
  17. Simin Chaichi,Writer and Poet, Iran
  18. Kaziwa Salih, Ph.d candidate-Canada
  19. Shahla Yar: Norway
  20. Dr. Nazand Bagikhani: Senior International Senior Research Fellow-University of Bristol
  21. Koral Noori: Journalist-Kurdistan
  22. Lanja Abdulla: Southern Kurdistan
  23. Lazo Azad: United Kingdom
  24. Renas Babakir: Kurdistan
  25. Hana Qader: Counselor-Canada
  26. Kazhal Ali: Writer and poet-Switzerland
  27. Nicola Ashraf Shali: Lecturer-Univeristy of Sulaymania-Kurdistan
  28. Shene Awaz: Student-South Kurdistan
  29. Shawnm Yahia: Socilogist-Kurdistan
  30. Bayan Hamasaed: Teacher-Kurdistan
  31. Bayan Ahmed Saeed: Artist and poet-Kurdistan
  32. Basma Mohammed Mustafa: Commissioner at the High commission of human rights in Iraq.
  33. Trifa Amin: Manager-Kurdish/German Centre in Nuremberg & KNK member-Germany
  34. Shara Taher: Writer and Social Psychologist-Sweden
  35. Avan Anwar: Artist-Australia
  36. Avan Omar: Artist-The Netherlands
  37. Kurda Khalaf Saeed: University Nurse and health supervisor in Kirkuk Governorate-South Kurdistan
  38. Shahen Sabir: Writer and Journalist-South Kurdistan
  39. Srwa Asaad Sabir: Humanities College- Hawler-Kurdistan
  40. Nian Hamaamin Ahmed: Manger of Heart Foundation hospital-Kurdistan
  41. Bayan Nasih: Sociologist and acitivst against honour based violence-Sweden
  42. Sozan mama: Poet and Teacher-London-UK
  43. Rubar Ahmed Mercedes: Artist- Sulaymaniah-Kurdistan
  44. Sargul Mirzaye: Women’s rights activist-East Kurdistan
  45. Taban Garmyani: Journalist and women’s rights activist-Kurdistan
  46. Tara Jaff: Musician-UK
  47. Shara Baban: Artist-Kurdistan
  48. Hîvron Turanli, Artist/Life Coach, Montreal-Canada
  49. Nigar Omar: Lawyer and member of the management committee of Democratic organisations. Kurdistan
  50. Sola Samira: Kurdistan
  51. Suna Alan: Singer-United Kingdom
  52. Viyan Mayi: Film maker-Kurdistan
  53. Sara Hama Salih: Student-Kurdistan
  54. Lavin Nawal: South Kurdistan
  55. Sakar K.Zereen: Doctoral Student in Sociology: Berlin-Germany
  56. Tanya Nuri: London-UK
  57. Naz Ali Awla: Software engineer & artist-South Kurdistan
  58. Sara Majed: teacher-South Kurdistan
  59. Aven Aziz: Behaviourist-Sweden
  60. Rozhgar Mahmoud Mustafa: Artist-South Kurdistan
  61. Rojin Sharifi: Peshmarga – Mahabad-East Kurdistan.
  62. Tishka Marsene: Sweden
  63. Kner Abdula: Writer-South Kurdistan

  64. Zhino Mohammed: Journalist-South Kurdistan
  65. Sidiqa Mohamedi: Teacher-Sweden
  66. Nahyeh Khoshkalam: Germany
  67. Khanda Rashad: Activist-South Kurdistan
  68. Roza Huseein: Writer-Norway
  69. Shilan Fuad: Interpreter, translator and independent researcher
  70. Khanda Hameed: Writer-South Kurdistan
  71. Baran Hussein: Writer-Sweden
  72. Rezan Betula Fatime: Artist-France
  73. Darya Salah: Germany
  74. Amira Mohammed: Writer and researcher-South Kurdistan
  75. Sara Omar: author from Denmark

  1. Cklara Moradian: MSW candidate, California
  2. Ava Homa: author and journalist. Los Angeles.
  3. Suzan Salim: Operations Manager at the Education department-Sweden
  4. Sahar Dinarvand: Women’s rights activists From London-UK
  5. Leslie Ladd, California-USA
  6. Evin Baysal, Rojava
  7. Rojan Feyz,vocalist, California-USA
  8. Ghomri Rostampour: Director of Empower The Immigrant Woman in Maine USA
  9. Marmar Stewart: U.S
  10. Evin Cheikosman: U.S (from Rojava )
  11. Shobo Shali: Technology & Managment Expert- Kurdistan Parliament
  12. Soraya Mofty: California, Kurdish (Hewrami) language project.
  13. Victoria Azad: professor- Sweeden
  14. Shukriya kurdistani: PhD student in international security & foreign policy, UN employee
  15. Avan Jaff: Journalist, Kurdistan
  16. Tajzan Sharif :London-UK
  17. Yasmine DarwishHaket: California-USA
  18. Negin Vatani: Sweeden
  19. Valintina Nasimi: Political scientist and Nurse, Stockholm, Sweden
  20. Hanna Jaff: Founder at We Are One and Founder at Jaff Foundation, Mexico and U.S
  21. Zhawen Shalli: Poet and Journalist-USA
  22. Amal Jalal: Kurdistan
  23. Choman Hardi, The American University of Iraq – Sulaimani and Bloodaxe
  24. Pary Karadaghi: President at Kurdish Human Rights Watch and Postdoctoral Fellow at Georgetown University Hospital
  25. Sa Omer, Marketing Consultant at Caritas Czech Republic -Iraq
  26. Trifa Shakely, lawyer and writer from Sweden Stockholm
  27. Rabia Elyasi: Eskilstuna Sweden
  28. Chalank Yahya: Tunisia
  29. Hauzhin Samiei: Stavanger- Norway
  30. Shne Khalid Abdullah: MD,U.S
  31. Sarah Jahangiry: Oslo – Norway
  32. Ilham Osman: Stockholm – Sweden
  33. Kwestan Fotohi: Kurdistan
  34. Kobra Karimi: psychologist
  35. Pakshan Ahmadi: City staff, Oslo Norway
  36. Leyla Mohamadi: Stockholm –Sweden
  37. Peri Shakely: Swedish Council for Higher Education
  38. Amineh Kakabaveh: Member of Swidish Parliament
  39. Bêrîvan Doskî: Diplomat & president PEN Kurd
  40. Mahabad Qaradaghi: Poet and Writer:, Hawler, Kurdistan
  41. Gülbahar Kavcu, musician, Turkey
  42. Dr Zeynep Kurban, UK
  43. Sakina Teyna, Musician & Refugee Advisor, Austria
  44. Mahin Alimoradi. Canada
  45. Deleveen Sharif, Eskilstuna, Sweden
  46. Halima Ebrahimi Australia
  47. Arez Mohamadi, Sweden
  48. Kwestan Muhamad, Kurdistan
  49. Shahin Bahman Sultani , Finland
  50. Hilia Sadegh Vaziri, French
  51. Forogh Rasoulpour, Norway
  52. Mahin Shokrolahpoor, French
  53. Ronak Muradrasouli
  54. Pahsahan Muradrasouli
  55. Zamand Muradrasouli
  56. Shirin Muradrasouli
  57. Vanawsha Muradrasouli
  58. Laylia Muradrasouli
  59. Shler Muradrasouli
  60. Hanna Tayeri
  61. Sanna Tayeri
  62. Mamam Hazhar Ibrahim
  63. Binai Diye Mohmoud, Stockholm
  64. Fatma Qadri, Koya, Kurdistan
  65. Roya Hosseini, Australia
  66. Frozan Karimizad, Norway
  67. Shahla Rasoulnejad, Sweden
  68. Shukrya Kuristnai, PhD student, New York
  69. Bahar Rajabi, Hawler
  70. Nahid Husseini: Writer and poet
  71. Kamila Nousodi: Artist
  72. Shahla Ilbegy Asli: Sweden
  73. Kwestan Jafari
  74. Azadeh Zarei: Sweden
  75. Seyan Sharafi , USA
  76. Dalile Rostami, Sweden
  77. Parwa Ali, Member of Kurdish Parliament-Kurdistan
  78. Golala pishnman, Sverige
  79. Mastane Gomohammadi, Finland
  80. Fuzie Khatmi, Sverige
  81. Bahare Musleh, Iran
  82. Golbax Bahrami, Kurdistan
  83. Zeinab Elkhanizadeh, Sverige
  84. Zhean Najmadden, Sweden
  85. Shownem Rahmini, Sweden
  86. Leyli Hassanpour, Norway
  87. Rojda Sjöö, Sweden
  88. Nisti Stêrk, producent, Actor Sweden
  89. Khadija Rostami, Sweden
  90. Hana Ghadershenas Hataw Abdolahi, Germany
  91. Bahar Munzir Osman, kurdistan
  92. Bahia Haidari, Stockholm, Sweden
  93. Kwestan Davodi, Sweden
  94. Jamila Hassankali, Sweden
  95. Mahin Alimoradi
  96. Shirin Jalali, Sweden
  97. Parvin Ardalan, Sweden
  98. Gona Taba
  99. Shena Amini, Canada S
  100. hahla Parvizy, Sweden
  101. Arazu Ghaderi, Sweden
  102. Pary Kamangar, Norway
  103. Fariba Mohamadi, Germanی
  104. Kajal Noori: Political activist- Holand
  105. Jina Totaghajy, Sweden
  106. Shokhan Ghader, Austria
  107. Roupak Muradrasouli, Sweden
  108. Amanj Kurdistani, Swedn
  109. Chiman Soleimini, -Norway
  110. Maryam Fathi: Spain
  111. Truska Khizri: Norway
  112. Peri Rashidian: Norway S
  113. Hola Qadri, Sweden
  114. Chnoor Mehrparvar, Norway
  115. Fariba Nasrollahy, Norway
  116. Daroon Saied, Darbandixan, Kurdistan
  117. Mastura Soltani, Sweden
  118. Rojin Ashrafi, Sweden
  119. Marjam Massudi, Germany
  120. Kejal Karimi, Norway
  121. Fariba Rashidi
  122. Sabri Bahmani, Germany
  123. Vafa Mamle, Sweden
  124. Parvin Khalandi, Finland
  125. Jila Hassanpour, Norway
  126. Zohre Sharifi, Sweden
  127. Rufia Ramazanali Abassi, Sweden
  128. Tara Mhmoud, Sweden
  129. Asmar Memari, Sweden
  130. Badri Tawhidi, Sweden
  131. Soraya Satouri, Sweden
  132. Ronak Shwani, Sweden
  133. Dilan Azizi Muradi, Hawler, Kurdistan
  134. Leyla Aliar, Sweden
  135. Leyla Soltanpanah, Norway
  136. Hamide Khedri, Sweden
  137. Evin Hanna, Sweden
  138. Leyla Khanlandi Raada Palani, norway
  139. Kobra Karimi, Sweden
  140. Shahin Shahlai, Sweden
  141. Seyran Duran: President of Kurdish women’s association-Sweden
  142. Jila Mostajer, Kurdistan
  143. Sermin Bosarslan, Sweden
  144. Sargul Shabazi Halima Rasuli, Sweden
  145. Simin Nasrollahi, Finland
  146. Bahar Hosseini, Germany
  147. Sozan Fahi, Sweden
  148. Kwestan Gadani, Norway
  149. Leyla Mohamadi, Sweden
  150. Shahla Dabaghi, Sweden
  151. Laeh Nahid
  152. Dlniya Rahimzada: Kurdistan
  153. Chinar Hussein
  154. Roya Nahid
  155. Marmar Stewart
  156. Dilkhwaz Ahmad
  157. Jamile Rahimi: Sweden
  158. Nishtiman Taheri: Sweden
  159. Rewas Ahmad Banixelani: Writer -Sweden
  160. Essmat (Asema)Sophie -Author-Norway
  161. Farzaneh Razabi: Germany
  162. Traci Fahimi: Professor political Science Irvine Valley College, Ca
  163. Chinar Binavi: KHRW,CA
  164. Roza Gergerî, Musician, Georgia
  165. Roya Nahid California
  166. Shirin Enrahemi: Sweden
  167. Solmaz Dorudi Stockholm-Sweden
  168. Parvin Shslmashi: Sweden

242.   Tara Mbegi: Stockholm Sweden

243.  Elham Zangana: Stockholm

244.  Nesrin Wali: Stockholm-Sweden

245. Najiba Mahmud , journalist , Stockholm-Sweden

246. Rezan Garib: Stockholm-Sweden

247. Zhala Tawfiq: Scientist-Sweden

  1. Shilan Ahmed: Stockholm-Sweden
  2. Dilsoz Abdulla
  3. Nazanin Hassan: Sweden
  4. Narmin Abdulrahman: Sweden
  5. Zhala Hassan: Teacher-Kurdistan
  6. Nigar Kader: Sweden
  7. Gulaleh Samie
  8. Lida Darai, Business woman
  9. Dr. Galawez Karadaghi: Phd nuclear physics, math instructor nominated for US presidential award for excellence in teaching
  10. Kanny Ahmadi: businesswoman
  11. Chnoor Ali Hama Amin : Activist-Kurdistan
  12. Ashti Ahmed Ismail: teacher and journalist-Kurdistan
  13. Awat Hisamaldin Taib: representative of Zardashtis in the ministry of Religious affairs.
  14. Sara Sardar: Jouranlist and activist-Kurdistan
  15. Bahar Abbasi: East Kurdistan
  16. Lisa Calan, film director, Turkey
  17. Elmas Hesib – former Adviser- Ministry of Culture and Youth- Southern Kurdistan
  18. Evar Ebrahim – MP- Kurdistan Parliament
  19. Niaz Baban- Dentist-Southern Kurdistan
  20. Shler Arif- Restauran Manager- Southern Kurdistan
  21. Reem Baban- former diplomatic staff- Southern Kurdistan
  22. Pary Fayeghi Sweden
  23. Suzan Ahmed, site supervisor preschool
  24. Shler Bapiri, Norway
  25. Kazhal Draxshani, Norway
  26. Dr. Bahar Mahmoud Fatah- MP- Iraqi Council of Ministries
  27. Shola Ahmadi, Sweden 
  28. Rezan Yaseen Aqrawi- Adviser- Ministry of Finance- KRG- Southern Kurdistan
  29. Halala Agha – Architectural Engineer & Business Owner -Southern Kurdistan
  30. Trefa Ahmed Microbiologist Uk London
  31. Narmin Mustafa Awez: Artist-Kurdistan