The Outbreak

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By Karwan Omar

Dancing is a spiritual expression in white space. Corporal play in everlasting dreams.

From the first moment of dancing and flying, we live a life whose mysteries we cannot sense or enjoy. A free body and an adventurous soul preserve us from laxity, regression, stagnancy, darkness, and fear and prevent us from being overcome by corporal black dreams and distorted discourses – while aiming to prepare us for the massacres of unending wars.

Thus, we become closer to nonsense, triviality, emptiness, decay, and then death, meaning non-existence… leaving us without dreams, wishes, imagination or human desire.

At last, where will we land? How and when? Let us start by striking our legs together, touching the earth whole-heartedly, having a magical dance under the rain, mixing ourselves with the soil – the core of life where we will be born again, full of vitality and vigor. Only one leap, a flight, a dream… it exists, approaches and goes towards the unknown.

Falling down is a lesson in being: in struggling to rise and recover. It is starting over and taking new steps towards freedom and salvation. Escaping, feeling tranquil, thawing, and being torn into pieces. The stories are numerous – they are incomplete and separate from each other. At certain times and places, they emerge for a while, reaching out and breaking out… through understanding and knowing our physical capacities and potentialities, and additionally, through indulging in the pleasures of dancing.

Taming the body, becoming aware of one’s essence within history, means being introduced to dancing – the motherly art. We should see life as a calm and slow process of intermittently mastering dance and movement. Together, side by side, following each other, full of harmony and rhythmic movement, with cadence and inspired by one’s own dance.

In our corporal space and our physical sphere, we enjoy a blissful dance. Before life was ever encompassed by words, cotton, rocks, or human beings, dance and the body existed.

(Translated by Sherzad Hassan)