Solidarity with Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

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Solidarity with Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq

We the undersigned women’s and human rights organizations, feminists, and human rights defenders denounce the lawsuit which the Iraqi government’s Secretariat of Ministerial Council filed against the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq (OWFI), with the purpose of dissolving the organization based on the reasons that OWFI shelters women escaping domestic violence and “honour-related” cases. The Ministerial Council transgressed the NGO Law with this action; whereas the law designates the governmental NGO Directorate as the only government establishment to deal with any violations of the NGOs. The enclosed documents to the lawsuit also accuse OWFI and its president Yanar Mohammed of fueling and supporting the demonstrations of the uprising through their newspaper and radio of Al Mousawat (equality); thus proving that the lawsuit contradicts the democratic rights of peaceful demonstration.

We stand in solidarity with OWFI and support them against the lawsuit which reflects the patriarchal and despotic position of the claimant. Moreover, we call for the Higher Judicial Council to dismiss the lawsuit of the Secretariat of the Ministerial Council of the resigned Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi.

The undersigned:

  1. Meredith Tax, writer and organizer, US
  2. Muayad Ahmed; Organisation of the Communist Alternative in Iraq
  3. Gloria Steinem, Writer and feminist organizer, Co-founder, Women’s Media Center-USA
  4. Nadje Al-Ali: Robert Family Professor of International Studies, Professor of Anthropology and Middle East Studies, Watson Institute for Public and International Affairs-USA
  5. Zillah Eisenstein prof. Ermerita, politics, Ithaca College; author, activist-USA
  6. Jean Lambert former-Member of EU parliament, GPEW, The GPEW is Green Party of England and Wales
  7. Professor Liz Kelly, Metropolitan University-UK.
  8. Houzan Mahmoud: Culture Project-UK
  9. Sarah Mills: Writer/editor. Italy
  10. Estella Schmid, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign-UK
  11. Frieda Afary, Producer of Iranian Progressives in Translation and member of Alliance of Middle Eastern and North African Socialists.  U.S.A.
  12. Julie Ward, former Member of European Parliament-UK
  13. Julie Bindel: writer and co-founder of the law-reform group Justice for Women-UK
  14. Isabel Käser, SOAS & Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs-UK
  15. Bruce G. Trigg, MD, Public Health Consultant -New York City, NY, USA
  16. Anna Zobnina: Strategy & Policy Coordinator-European Network of Migrant Women-UK
  17. Maryam Namazie, spokesperson of One Law for All and Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain-UK
  18. Rahila Gupta: Author and activist-UK
  19. Harriet Wistrich: Director of centre for women’s justice-UK
  20. Pragna Patel: director Southall Black Sisters-UK
  21. European Network of Migrant Women-ENOMW Organisation-Belgium
  22. Eleanor Finley: University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Department of Anthropology-USA
  23. Dr Camilla Power-USA
  24. Parvin Mahmoudveysi, Phd Iranian Studies, University of Hamburg
  25. Prof Chris Knight-USA
  26. Zahra Ali, Professor at Rutgers University-USA
  27. Sarah Parker-UK
  28. Danielle Raad, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst-USA
  29. Carlin Meyer, Professor Emerita, New York Law School-USA
  30. Margaret Owen O.B.E Widows for peace through Democracy. WPd and
    Patron of Peace in Kurdistan-UK
  31. Maria Irene Sassi, Employee-Italy
  32. Jocelyn Harris, professor of English literature, New Zealand
  33. Emanuela Mangiarotti, Researcher-Italy
  34. Dan Connell, author and visiting scholar at the African Studies Center, Boston University, USA
  35. Ellen Ross, Professor Emerita of History and Women’s Studies-Ramapo College of NJ
  36. Ariela Iacometti, Non Una di Meno-Italy
  37. Bill Fletcher, Jr., former president TransAfrica Forum, USA
  38. Gloria Jacobs, Writer and Editor
  39. Irena Klepfisz
  40. Maria Hagberg, MA in social work, author and international women’s activist, Sweden
  41. Rohini Hensman, writer and activist, India
  42. Matt Meyer, Secretary General, International Peace Research Association
  43. Manu Bhagavan, Professor of History and Human Rights, Hunter College and the Graduate Center-CUNY, USA
  44. Erika Goldman, Publisher and Editorial Director, Bellevue Literary Press-USA
  45. Barbara Garson, Writer, US
  46. Max Elbaum, Author and peace activist-U.S.
  47. Dr Sarah Glynn, Edinburgh, Scotland
  48. Shea Howell, Center to Nurture Community Leadership- Detroit MI-USA
  49. James and Grace Lee Boggs, Center to Nurture Community Leadership- Detroit MI-USA
  50. Francesca Dagnino, Genova – Italy
  51. Musaab Balchi, Human Rights defender, I live in the United States.
  52. Rima Majed, Sociologist, American University of Beirut
  53. Fatemeh Masjedi, Academic activist in Berlin-Germany
  54. Lisa-Marie Taylor: CEO FiLiA
  55. Alison Assiter, Professor of Feminist Theory, UWE, Bristol.
  56. Gila Svirsky, Translator-Spain
  57. Beatrix Campbell OBE, Writer and broadcaster-UK
  58. Laura Guidetti, activist and organizer in feminist association Marea and lgbti+ network Coordinamento Liguria Rainbow, Italy
  59. Mona Afary, Ph.D. (Clinical Psychology) Executive Director at Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants, Oakland, California-USA
  60. Amy Kesselman, Professor Emerita Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, State University of New York at New Paltz
  61. Lucy M. Candib, M.D.Professor Emerita, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
    University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA
  62. Emma Wilde Botta, socialist activist and writer, USA
  63. Rivan Mewlud, Kurdish-American, Educator
  64. Iman Ganji, PhD, Freie Universität Berlin, Independent Researcher-Germany
  65. Kristin Booth Glen, University Professor and Dean Emerita, City University of New York School of Law
  66. Judy Norsigian, Co-founder and board chair, Our Bodies Ourselves (USA)
  67. Debbie Bookchin, journalist, USA
  68. Rana Tanveer, journalists. graduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University-Canada
  69. Dastan Jasim, Political Scientist. Heidelberg, Germany
  70. Diween Hawezy, Engineering PhD student-UK
  71. Judith Daniel, Consultant for feminist politics for the party “Die Linke” in German parliament- Berlin, Germany
  72. Diyar Mutlu, IT-consultant MHP- Stuttgart, Germany
  73. Amra Felić, Student- Graz, Austria
  74. Robert Daumenlang, Dipl. Economist- Heusenstamm, Germany
  75. Etrus Kocaman, Student- Hamburg, Germany
  76. Pia Hofherr, Student- Ladenburg, Germany
  77. Alexander Hummel, Social Scientist- Heidelberg, Germany
  78. Thomas Osten-Sacken, Director of NGO Wadi- Heidelberg, Germany
  79. Birivan Ibin, Student- Osnabrück, Germany
  80. Umud Dogan, Banker- Plankstadt, Germany
  81. Serhat Aslan, Commercial employee- Oelde, Germany
  82. Hevidar Isik, Student- Hamburg, Germany
  83. Stefanos Kontovitsis, Student- Hamburg, Germany
  84. Naima Limdighri, Journalist- Berlin, Germany
  85. Jelena Fritz, Student- Freiburg, Germany
  86. Leslie Cagan, Peace and Justice Organizer, US
  87. Max Elbaum, Author and peace activist -U.S.
  88. Barbara Garson, Writer, US
  89. Erika Goldman, Publisher and Editorial Director Bellevue Literary Press- USA
  90. Justin Helepololei, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  91. Amanda J. Fuchs, MA – Doctoral Student, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  92. Danielle Raad, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Anthropology, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  93. Alice Shechter-UK
  94. Francesca Dagnino-Genova – Italy
  95. Stephanie J. Urdang, Writer, USA
  96. Margaret Healy – London.
  97. Felix Höfflin, Doctor, Manheim-Germany
  98. Waniar Bagalan, Student, Manheim-Germany
  99. Baran Yenen, Student Achaen-Germany
  100. Nehir Senpinar, Student, Konstanz-Germany
  101. Eda Der, Pharmacist, Münster, Germany
  102. Max Wallenwein, Student, Marburg, Germany
  103. Safiya Schombara, Commercial employee- Bochum, Germany
  104. Carne Ross, Independent Diplomat-UK
  105. Bridget Anderson, Professor of Migration, Mobilities and Citizenship, University of Bristol.
  106. Stephanie J. Urdang, Writer-USA
  107. Melanie Weigang: EARS Independent Advocacy (SCIO) – UK
  108. Elaine Crichton: Inspiring Scotland (Charity) – UK
  109. Jane Sibbett: Actress, director, film maker – USA
  110. Anita Hyatt, Reflexologist, USA
  111. Victoria Robertson: Retired Social Work Outreach Support Worker for Newcastle Women’s Aid – UK
  112. Kelly Shade: EARS Independent Advocacy (SCIO) – UK
  113. Hannah Saddington: EARS Independent Advocacy (SCIO) – UK
  114. Ganithaa Vimalakannan: EARS Independent Advocacy (SCIO) – UK
  115. Hazim Aljaafarey: Writer and activist-Communist Alternative-Iraq
  116. Sara Horchani musician Dijon France
  117. Hardy MèdePhD in political science & lecturer at the University of Paris-Dauphine
  118. Nicolas Dessaux, founder of Solidarité Irak, France.
  119. Radhika Balakrishnan Rutgers University
  120. Gaelle Maillard, feminist activist and trade unionist, France
  121. Sojad Farhan Jawad; University of Alqadsia-Iraq
  122. Khanim Latif: Women’s rights activist-Iraq
  123. Samira Harnish Womenofworldorg
  124. Mahmood Ketabchi, Antioch, California, USA.
  125. Dima Yassine, writer and visual artist, Canada
  126. ANWER SOBAIE ABD, NGO Employee.Iraq
  127. Rizgar Aziz
  128. Dr Nadia Rasheed, physician in USA
  129. Charlotte Dunham Retired professor, Dept of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, Texas Tech University.
  130. Deborah Shaw, Theatre Director, London.
  131. Amie Bishop, MSW, MPH. Consultant, Global Health and Human Rights, Seattle, WA USA
  132. Thomas Schmidinger; Political Scientist &Cultural Anthropologist – University of Vienna.
  133. Dashne Nariman / Editor in Chief of Rechar newspaper/Sulaymaniyah
  134. Renas Babakir/ poet/ Iraq
  135. Lazo Azad author and poet-UK
  136. Marta Trigo da Roza / Co-founder of Voxmap / Denmark
  137. Necibe Qeredaxi jineoloji Committee in Europe.
  138. Dr Janroj Yilmaz Keles; Senior Research Fellow in Politics at Middlesex University.
  139. Ophelia Benson, writer, USA.
  140. Kani Kamal; Artist-UK
  141. Hishyar Abid-UK
  142. Sayzada Royda
  143. Khulia Hussein; women´s rights advocate, poet, Career residential counselor-Canada
  144. Shivan Fazil, political analyst.
  145. Zozan Yashar-Journalist/photographer-UK
  146. Kirmanj Gundi, Professor. Tennessee State University. USA
  147. Aryan Shana- Belgium
  148. Dalia Raouf- Civil Engineer-Darbandikhan, Iraq
  149. Suzan Faraj; writer -Kurdistan
  150. Soran Ahmed, Artist, Berlin-Germany
  151. Beth Blacksin PhD RN researcher and organizer
  152. Niga Salam, artist, Iraqi kurdistan
  153. Necibe Qeredaxi jineoloji Committee in Europe.
  154. Rebeen Hamarafiq artist Sulaymanyah Iraq
  155. Nazira Mehmari; Women rights activist-UK
  156. Suzan Salim; Head of development and Deputy Head of the Educational management.Stockholm-Sweden
  157. Sardar Hamid, Political Activist. Canada
  158. Adnan Kerim; Political Activist-Australia
  159. Lanja xawe, Lawyer, Sulimany-Kurdistan.
  160. Maggie Hall, retired Teacher of Speech and Drama, UK.
  161. Gulabagh sabah, Engineer, Erbil. İraq.
  162. HîvronLife Coach, Disease & Trauma Healer-Canada
  163. Paul Cockshott Computer Scientist, Scotland
  164. Dan Fisher, Editor-in-Chief, Uncommon Ground Media.
  165. Sheila Mosely; retired social worker, UK
  166. Avan Omar Artist, Kurdistan
  167. Soreya Taher: Political Activist-UK
  168. Necla Acik, PhD, Middlesex University, UK
  169. Nazand Bagikhani: Vincent Wright Chair/Visiting Professor. Sciences Po, Paris.
  170. Wendy Hamelink, academic, the Netherlands
  171. Lajan B-Kurd, IT, Canada
  172. Felicity Dowling National Secretary Left Unity UK
  173. Tara Jaff, Musician, UK
  174. Walid Siti, artist -UK
  175. Khabat Abas, Musician, UK.
  177. Hawzhin Azeez, academic, Iraqi Kurdistan
  178. Sherko Abbas, artist
  179. Osman Ahmed Artist Sulaemani Iraq.
  180. Viyan Mayi; Filmaker, Swedn
  181. Abdulla Salih-UK
  182. Saira Z., for Society of Gender Professionals
  183. Rezan Saleh theatre Scientist Norway/ Belgium
  184. Omar Amin, political activist-Norway
  185. Shahla Haidari-UK
  186. Asmahan Siti, London
  187. Chia Renwar, IT Project Manager, Sweden.
  188. Pezhman Ibrahimi, political activist. Norway
  189. Narmin mustafa, artist,Kurdistan
  190. Shanya Ary, student, Kurdistan
  191. Dashni Morad – humanitarian activist and artist
  192. Rozhgar Mustafa, Artist. Kurdistan
  193. Dr Nahla Najah Abdullah-Academic and activist. Iraq
  194. Intisar Ali-Iraq
  195. Iqbal Al Aslan-Iraq
  196. Nadia Chaabane, ancienne députée constituante, Tunisie
  197. Yasi Biani
  198. Sawen Yasin, Clinical psychologist,Kurdistan
  199. Nask Hussein, Canada
  200. Azad Nanakeli, Artist
  201. Jamal Koshesh writer swiss
  202. Berrin Altin Soran, phd candidate, uk
  203. Stéphane Julien, France
  204. Avan Anwar, Artist, Australia
  205. Centre for Observance of People’s Rights in Iraq.
  206. Hiwa Majid; Norway
  207. Joanne Payton; Writer and researcher
  208. Sarah Berger: The So and So Arts Club – UK
  209. Nick Gardner: Labourer, Community Activist – UK
  210. Paul Dickson: Retired, Charity – UK
  211. Sigird Nielsen: Teacher of English as a Second Language – UK
  212. Ross McEwan: Art Gallery Director at Gallery Ecosse D’Oc – France
  213. Sharon Wilks: Retired Nurse, Feminist – UK
  214. Elisabetta Piseddu: Farmer, carer – Italy
  215. Trudy Shaw: Retired Social Worker Scotland – UK
  216. Sylvia Tillmann: Self-employed – UK
  217. Barb Jungr: Jazz Singer – UK
  218. Christa Gerwinkler: Conservator, Scotland – UK
  219. Neil Sparkes: Musician, Artist – UK
  220. Sylvie Escalona: The Glenmorangie – UK
  221. Phil Attridge: Community Activist – UK
  222. Mary Moriaty: Retired – UK
  223. Carol Grimes: Jazz Singer – UK
  224. Penny Stafford: EARS Independent Advocacy (SCIO) – UK
  225. Dianne Morrison: EVOC Edinburgh– UK
  226. Karen Williamson: EVOC Edinburgh– UK
  227. Christina Hinds: EVOC Edinburgh– UK
  228. Lee Hair: – UK
  229. Matthew Grant: – UK
  230. Iris Quar: AMIS (Abused Men in Scotland) – UK
  231. Elisabeth Waite: AMIS (Abused Men in Scotland) – UK
  232. Ella Simpson: EVOC Edinburgh– UK
  233. Shelley Ritchie: c/o EVOC Edinburgh– UK
  234. Mark Findlay: c/o EVOC Edinburgh– UK
  235. Alice Law: c/o EVOC Edinburgh– UK
  236. Julie Anne Hill: EVOC Edinburgh– UK
  237. Lisa Tower: Got Soul Edinburgh – UK
  238. Maryam Ghaffari: Got Soul Edinburgh– UK
  239. Magda Luszkiewicz; Home Start EWSW – UK
  240. Anna McCormack. Convenor IWD Association Brisbane Meanjin, Australia.

241.Lynne Pratt, Lecturer Moray House/University of Edinburgh – UK

242.Dr Amy L. Beam, human rights activist and author of “The Last Yezidi Genocide”.

243.Rheim Alkadhi, visual artist, Berlin

244.Alina Cebotari, human rights expert, Republic of Moldova.

245.Monica Mazzitelli, directress and writer.