Volunteers needed:

We are looking for volunteers to help launch an English language edition of a successful Kurdish online-magazine that promotes the ideas of Kurdish social activists, feminists, intellectuals, journalists, writers and artists.

Culture Magazine is almost a year-old and has built a reputation for fearlessly publishing articles that encourage intelligent discussion around the development of society free of conflict, racism, sexism and misogyny, tyranny and religious dictates.

We have a treasure trove of articles available at our online Kurdish-edition magazine. Now we need help translating them into English for our English-webpage. We also need help translating future submissions written in English into Kurdish for the Kurdish-edition.

Are you a translator, editor or proof-reader? Can you help us translate or polish articles and submissions?

Are you familiar with proposal writing and fundraising?

We are also seeking assistance from someone with experience drafting proposals for fundraising and campaigning.

Culture Project aims to reach beyond the stereotypes and to build the first significant bridge between Kurdistan and the West. You will have the chance to be at the heart of an exciting, growing project and to see how your contribution makes a difference.