The Traveller 

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Poem By: Aso Jabar


Gaze from the fate of an evening
A breath at the shore of this dream is meaningless
Where are the doors of the seasons?
Where is the dream full of lusty stars?!
Where is the seagull and the brimful whiny chest of this shore?
A sea in its lonesome embrace tells its dreams to the fish:
Pearls have gone
The sailors lied and they never came back
We have lost the colours of paintings in this universe
What a prayer we have to remember!
In this ritual extinction
What love do we have to embrace?
While we sleep inside door cracks
Salute to what executioner?
When our fingers fell
Our eyes broke

Into which clock shall we gaze?

And in which church shall we listen when the guitar has gone?


Painting and Translation by: Shillan Jabbar