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By Hasan Falah

For a long time, I strived to understand the pain of displacement. I wanted to create hate and love. I wanted to face the displacement in me, but it was hard. My soul was wounded from moving away from my childhood city, but exile from homeland could be the greatest source of suffering.

A month before Spring 2017, a great opportunity came to me. I could visit displaced people. Finally, I will meet the refugees for the journalistic purposes of my college. I will travel in the comfort of a group of students. I knew displaced people’s feelings will be more intense than mine. This intensity will teach me about life recovering from traumatic circumstances.

This is why portraits of faces come in black and white photos of displaced persons; in these photos, their faces tell their stories and show their emotions. Each tells a deep emotional story.

After the time with the refugees, they taught me that a human being is far more than the homeland that fell due to lack.

December 29th 2017


Hasan Falah; is a story writer, artist, photographer and student at the Polytechnic University in Sulaymani-Kurdistan.