Your Love Changes My Guise (Poem by Lazo Azad)

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by Lazo Azad (2008)


I shut my eyes

Flap my wings

And I replenish darkness with colour

air thickens

Love revamps it’s guise

A gentle breeze blows

Blood and prayer cover the skies

A mirage immersed in the sand

Our memoirs pierce me like a dagger


Your eyes turn into a spark

as pain curves over my vision

Earth perfumed with scent of lemon

your eyes well up

with sorrow

Then your breath infused  with basil

A flock of wings

identical to a flock of sores

As a bunch of black hair

permeate the sky

Love changes your guise

Our memories stab you as a dagger

Earth stretches between us

We both reach out with our hands

to shrink the ground between us

I curl up like a hedgehog in thunderstorm

I don’t turn back

in the same way as our memoirs

 don’t look back at us

Damp earth consumes me

Only your sparkle touches me

The space between us

Shines just like the eyes of a black wolf

Missing you falls into my lap

like a blond star

Our love recast the colour of the world

our memories pierce the earth like a dagger.


Translation from Kurdish to English by Azad Aziz