Bayan Salman

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Profile: Bayan Salman,

Bayan Salman

Bayan Salman was born in South Kurdistan but lives and works in Paris. She is also a journalist, academic feminist and author of several novels, poetry collections and translations. She has written in Kurdish, Arabic and French.

Born in 1961, she is from one of the cultural families in Kirkuk city and graduated from Baghdad University with a degree in political economy. Before moving to France in 1998, she worked with NGOs since 1991 in Kurdistan.

In France she studied at Paris VIII University of France, completing a degree in modern literature. Salman went on to complete a master’s in French and modern literature in 2006.

She was part of a group of Kurdish women, including Choman Hardi, and Najiba Mahmud, who in 2012 founded Women’s Era (Sardmi Jin), one of Kurdistan’s first feminist magazines. She has since written several articles on feminist issues.

Best known for her novels and essays, Bayman’s style has been influenced by modern French literature.  In her novel The Ancestors of Madayie, she uses her trademark style to write about the beginning of civilization and the start of cultural, social and racist conflicts.

Her Kurdish novels include The Ancestors of Madayie (published in 2011) and Adam`s Nights (2015). In Arabic she has written a novel Boraq (published 2008) and the poetry collection, I am like in Fairy Tales (2006). Her translations Arabic-to-French and French-to-Kurdish, include works by Voltaire, Patrick Modiano, Ovid’s Metamorphoses (to be published 2016), and the poems of Mallarmé and Paul Valery.


  • 1994 Namoy u ser Herassi dimanakan “demolished Figures”, a poem in Kurdish.
  • 1996 Miratyakani Gor Halkaneke “The Legacy of a mortician,” story in Kurdish.
  • 2006 Ana kama hikayat fi al-jenya “I’m like in fairy tales” poetry in Arabic.
  • 2008 Kouhouf haydrahodahus, “Haydrahodahus Caves” novel Salim Barakat, translated in    collaboration with the novelist Christine Montalbetti and published by Actes Sud.
  • 2008, Boraq, “Buraq” novel in Arabic, published by Al-Zaman, Syria.
  • 2008 Tilka Al-Al-Sakina Gayma “1991 Cloud immobile” story about the exodus. Published in Arabic, in Al-Zaman, Syria.
  • 2011 Nawakani madayi “The ancestors of Madayi ” novel in Kurdish, Yad, Sulymaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • 2012 Beser hatakani Xazna mamlook “Khazana, the Mamluk” novel in Kurdish, Yad, Sulymaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • 2013 La barzayi Shorakanawa, “From the ramparts” novel in Kurdish Yakeyti Nussaran, Sulymaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • 2014, Candide or Optimism, Voltaire, translated into Kurdish, Andesha, Sulymaniya Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • 2015 Shawani Adam, ” Adam’s nights”, Kurdish language novel. Andesha, Sulymaniya Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • 2016 Rue des Boutiques Obscures “Missing Person, novel by Patrick Modiano, Gallimard, translated from French to Kurdish. For Andesha editor Sulymaniya Iraqi Kurdistan.

Other research and publication published:

  1. Be Farnsi bedwey “Speak French”, manual in French Kurdish. In collaboration with Hamid Dorudi and Philippe Delarbre.
  2. Collections of poems in Kurdish language.
  3. Al Washam, “Tattoo” novel in Arabic.
  4. Metamorphoses, Ovid, translated from French to Kurdish. For Serdam editor.
  5. Rhinoceros, Eugène Ionesco piece of theater, translated from French to Kurdish. For Serdam editor.

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