End child marriage in Kurdistan & Iraq (video campaign)

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A nine years old girl is taken from a playground to a bedroom with a man multiple times her age.

How does she defend herself?

October 31, 2017 Shia Iraqi deputies proposed to amend Iraq’s personal status law that legalizes child marriage It has been approved by 40 members of the parliament.

As human rights activists, we ought to take action against the amendment, and it’s devastating consequences in society for young girls.

This is a video campaign in English with Kurdish subtitles by a group of human rights activist from Iraqi Kurdistan who are raising awareness against child marriage and Iraqi governments law’s that legalise it.


English and Kurdish Scriptwriter: Sama Abdulkarim

Video Participants:

Khazan Jangiz

Shaveen Salih

Sara Ferhad

Nwa Abdulla

Sama Abdulkarim

Areen Ibrahim

Arabic Translator: Omar Osgood

Proofreader: Darya Abdulkarim

Special thanks to K.E.C Suli, Cinema Salim, Derin Raza, Nabaz Samad and Khanda Hameed

Camera Operator, Editor and Colour Grader: Sanger Abdulah

Directed by Sanger Abdulah