Sharia Courts in UK and feminist mobilisation against them

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Public Seminar for  Houzan Mahmoud one of the co-founders of Culture Project


Sat 15 October 2016
19:00 – 21:30

Organised by Radfem Collective


Sharia is the Islamic legal system, Originated from the Koran and the verdicts of Islamic scholars, called (fatwas).

Concerns have been raised that these council’s decisions have adverse consequences for women from Muslim backgrounds.
Activists like us who advocate for secularism have been warning this government and the wider society about these councils and their discriminatory approaches to women based on Islamic Sharia law.
This lecture will address problems women are facing under the dictate of religion and religious laws.
At the same time, it seeks to question western feminist consciousness and ask are women from Muslim backgrounds victims of Sharia Councils only, or are they also let down by their white sisters who might view this discriminatory law as a matter of their “authentic culture”?

Women only.

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