Defending Progressivism conference in London

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Culture Project & Conatus News and sponsored by the National Secular Society and the British Humanist Association) Defending Progressivism is an unprecedented day-long conference focussing on defending social-progressivism (LGBT Rights, Feminism, Environmentalism, Secularism, Irreligiosity, etc.) held in the famed Conway Hall. Not only showcasing some of the most significant challenges to social progressivism through distinguished panel-discussions, individual talks, stalls and book sales, but some of the greatest minds in activism today will exchange views concerning such crucibles and how we, as social-progressives, can begin to get a foothold in opposition to redress them.


Sat 29 April 2017
09:00 – 17:00 BST

Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square

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Confirmed speakers (more to be added) so far include:

Panel 1: Progressivism Today :

-Heather Brunskell-Evans -political philosopher & Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Medical Humanities, the University of Leicester.

-Benjamin David(Activist, writer and founder of Conatus News)

-Claire Fox (Writer and director and founder of the think tank the Institute of Ideas)

-Professor A.C. Grayling (Philosopher and Author)

-Terry Sanderson (Secularist and gay rights activist, author, journalist, and president of the National Secular Society

-Peter Tatchell (Renowned Human Rights campaigner)

PANEL 2: ‘Feminist mobilising against Islamism there and here:

– Rahila Gupta is a writer and journalist

-Sara Khan (Award winning counter-extremism and women’s rights activist, author and public speaker)

-Maryam Namazie (Iranian-born secularist and human rights activist, commentator and broadcaster)

-Houzan Mahmoud (Kurdish Feminist, Secularist, and co-founder of Kurdish Culture Project)

-Gita Sahgal ( Writer and journalist on issues of feminism, fundamentalism, and racism)

Refugee Rights, the Far right and racism

-Anna ZOBNINA: of European Network of Migrant Women (ENOMW

PANEL 3: Activism: What works?

-Lisa Marie Taylor (Feminist Activist involved in various campaigns for women)

-Chris Moss (Secularist, Activist and Writer)

– Donya Ahmed LLM Student

-Hibo Wardere (Somalian-born campaigner against female genital mutilation, author, and public speaker)

-What is Conatus News?
Founded in 2016, Conatus News is an online blog news-platform started by grassroots activists that aims to give progressive voices centre stage on important issues – from current affairs, politics, and culture, to philosophy, science and religion. Conatus News aims to evolve news by refocusing the ethos of news away from personalities, sales and partisanship over to a commitment to social progression. Furthermore, as part of its attempt to disseminate and effectuate progressive narratives, Conatus News has a widely respected interview and podcast series that has featured some of the most exciting up-and-coming activists and, moreover, some of the most distinguished activists working in human-rights today.
Since its inception, Conatus News has managed to amass a team of sixty dedicated writers from various backgrounds and professions and has managed to forge itself as one of the most significant progressive news platforms in the UK today.

What is Culture Project?
Founded by distinguished Kurdish feminist Houzan Mahmoud, Kurdish writer and Novelist Ismail Hamalaw and Novelist and lawyer Miran Abraham, Culture Project is a unique platform for Kurdish writers, feminists, artists and activists. Culture Project gather emerging and established voices from Kurdistan and the Kurdish diaspora, and gives them a vital space to freely express their ideas. Through the well-established web magazine and planned-for printed journal, Culture Project advocates a total freedom of thought: freedom to suggest controversial new ideas, secularism, free thinking about gender issues and a whole new cultural awareness that is fresh and challenging. Culture Project embraces political discourse, feminism, philosophy, literature and critical analysis of cinema, photography and art

We really hope that you will be able to participate in what will surely be one of the biggest and the most exciting conferences in the UK in 2017.

Stalls include (more to come):
– Young Humanists
– Atheist, Humanist, and Secular Students
– British Humanist Association
-One Law for All
-Culture Project